Oath of Fidelity and Profession of Faith for Faculty

Five new faculty members took an Oath of Fidelity and the Profession of Faith in the context of the seminary’s solemn Vespers on Sunday, August 19, 2018. Fr. Jerry Daniels and Fr. Jacob DuMont will serve as spiritual directors, Fr. Peter Finney will serve as the associate director of pastoral formation, Dr. Andrew Geist will serve as a professor for biblical studies, and Br. Stephen Synan will serve as the director of pastoral counseling. In his homily, he rector spoke about accountability of leadership in the Church since the Oath of Fidelity and the Profession of Faith are required of those who serve in unique ministerial leaderships. The Oath and Profession promises the adherence of the new faculty to the Magisterium of the Church as they help to form future priests. The gospel for this Sunday recalls the words of the Lord in chapter six of John that brings to all believers God in the presence of Jesus, the Bread of Life, who is the source of all life, and all that is good, true, and right. New seminarians also received a blessing at the conclusion of Vespers. Following Vespers, the seminary community enjoyed the opening banquet which included toasts, salutes, and final prayers.