Institution of Acolytes

Bishop Ned Shlesinger, the Auxillary Bishop of Atlanta, instituted seminarians into the ministry of acolyte on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. The ministry of acolyte is the final ministry before seminarians are ordained to the diaconate. In the rite of institution, the bishop hands those to be instituted a patent with bread and says, “Take this vessel with bread for the celebration of the eucharist. Make your life worthy of your service at the table of the Lord and of his Church.” In his homily, Bishop Shlesinger noted that the Church needs victim-leaders more than servant-leaders. He noted that the acolytes will be giving the Eucharist to people in nursing homes and other contexts, and he urged them to let Jesus work through them rather than be focused on what they themselves will do from their humanity. That is, Bishop Shlesinger was inviting them to serve and thus be a victim like Jesus, who emptied Himself in His service. We thank the Lord for our seminarians who make their final preparations for ordination to the diaconate in Spring 2018. There were 19 seminarians instituted as acolytes:
From the diocese of Alexandria, Thomas Kennedy.
From the diocese of Baton Rouge, Taylor Sanford.
From the diocese of Dallas, Elijiah Thomson.
From the diocese of Lafayette, Casey Dugas and Connor Poirrier.
From the diocese of Lake Charles, Michael Beverung.
From the diocese of Memphis, Jonathan Perez Leon and Casey Weber.
From the diocese of New Orleans, Bryan DeVillier, Ajani Gibson, Michael Lamy, William Mumphrey, Truong Pham, and Andrew Sanchez.
From the diocese of Shreveport, Raney Johnson.
From the diocese of Tyler, David Bailey, AJ Motte, and Nick Nappier.
From the diocese of Yendi, Thomas Bamoah.