Talent Show

On Saturday, February 9, the seminary community gathered in Schulte Auditorium for our annual Talent Show. Additionally, this is the evening where our some of our brothers share with the whole community foods from their respective cultures. Foods from Columbia, Vietnam, Mexico, Nigeria, and Spain. We began the evening of lighthearted fraternity with a prayer of blessing by Fr. Nile Gross, Director of Liturgy. Once everyone had helped themselves to the dishes from around the globe, the evening’s MC, Peter Vale (New Orleans), began the talent show and introduced the judges who were tasked with judging the talent acts. The judges’ booth was staffed by Sammy Marcello, Director of Kitchen Services; Mrs. Sharon Mason, Administrative Assistant; and Deacon Doug Bush (seminarian for New Orleans). The acts included a vast array of talent. Although the talent levels varied, every act could fall into the category of those that would leave Simon Cowell in a state of awe-induced speechlessness. From acts of a comical sort, music from other cultures to religious pieces, the stage in Schulte auditorium saw it all. The judges proclaimed winners in three different categories. Deacon Davin Dawson (Baton Rouge) won Most Talented Individual with his bagpipe medley. Most Talented Group was Jedidiah Preble (Dallas) and his House Band who had various appearances throughout the evening. The Funniest Act went to the deacon class for their impersonation skit of various faculty and staff members, including Fr. Jim Wehner (Rector).