Prayer Rally to Support Seminarians and Priests

“In the wake of Archbishop Gregory Aymond’s removal of two pastors from ministry – one for sexual abuse of a minor and the other for obscenity with women – nearly 200 laypersons prayed in front of Notre Dame Seminary Oct. 10 as a sign of support for priests and for those studying for the priesthood.

Organizers of the prayer service, held on the front lawn of the seminary on South Carrollton Avenue, handed out smooth rocks to participants and asked them to decorate them with spiritual symbols such as crosses or angels or other signs of support for priests.

About 140 rocks were placed on the front steps of the seminary, said Theresa Truxillo, coordinator of ministry at St. Pius X Church in New Orleans, who organized the service along with Sheri Derbes. Both Truxillo and Derbes are students in the Institute for Lay Ecclesial Ministry (ILEM), a program of the seminary.”

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