Annual Appeal


Dear Alumni, Friends, and Supporters:

As we prepare to begin the 2024-2025 year of formation, we are filled with gratitude for the continuous support and generosity of those who believe in the mission of Notre Dame Seminary. With our mission of preparing pastoral leaders for the Church, we believe in the holistic development of future pastors formed in the image of Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd. Our formational vision for priestly formation is to nurture seminarians into becoming effective pastors who are deeply rooted in Christ, affectively mature, intellectually equipped, and pastorally sensitive.

At Notre Dame Seminary, we are committed to forming seminarians who will lead and serve the people of God with a Christ-like heart, with a mind grounded in truth, and with a spirit of compassion, attuned to the needs of God’s people. Seminarians are encouraged to cultivate a deep relationship with God and a profound understanding of the interior life through prayer, spiritual direction, and the sacraments. As future pastors, our seminarians are called to serve as compassionate shepherds, guiding and supporting their flock with love and understanding; they learn to minister to diverse communities, address social justice issues, and offer pastoral care to those in need. Finally, a strong foundation in the intellectual dimension is essential for effective leadership in the Church. Our formation programs emphasize rigorous academic study, critical thinking, and theological inquiry. When a seminarian graduates from Notre Dame Seminary and is ordained to the priesthood, he is formed as a priest who models the heart of Christ.

But, to form these well-rounded priests, we need your support. In 2023-2024, the cost to educate a seminarian was $49,000. Your generous giving will help to close the gap of $10,000 per seminarian that exists between the expenses covered by tuition, room, and board ($39,000) and the actual cost of his education. Your support of priestly formation enables us to prepare our seminarians for the many aspects of pastoral ministry and helps cover the cost of formation programs such as retreats, mission trips, pastoral training, and so much more. Your gift ensures that we can continue to form our seminarians for ministry in today’s Church!

We invite you to consider making a gift to our 2024-2025 Annual Appeal. Your gift allows us to provide a comprehensive formation program that shapes the hearts and minds of our seminarians. A donation envelope is enclosed for your convenience. You can also make a gift online at By investing in Notre Dame Seminary, you are investing in priests who will serve you, your families, and your parishes for many years to come!

Thank you for your steadfast support and for being a vital part of our mission. May God bless you abundantly for your generosity.

In Christ’s peace,
Very Reverend Joshua J. Rodrigue, S.T.L.

Formation Expenses

All funds raised directly support the formation programs at Notre Dame Seminary.