Annual Fund


As our men answer “YES” to God’s call, they are formed at Notre Dame Seminary as authentic, compassionate, and holy priests. Your gift to the ANNUAL FUND ensures that they arrive at your parishes, schools, and families fully formed and prepared to serve as pastoral leaders who commit to build and strengthen our Church.

“Becoming overburdened or burnt-out is always a serious risk for the priest. At Notre Dame Seminary, we are fully aware of this fact and we are being formed to learn that if we remain attached to the Cross, the Lord’s burden becomes easy and his yoke becomes light regardless of what difficulties we encounter.” -Steven Chabarria, Diocese of Dallas

“Notre Dame Seminary has fostered within us a desire to be faithful to God and His people. Because we are faithful, God has made us resilient men and strong leaders, all for the salvation of souls.” -Connor Poirrier, Diocese of Lafayette

“Reflecting back on the last several months, the world has demanded much of the Church, and I have seen so many examples of resilience, strength, and fidelity in the formators at NDS. In a time when hopelessness and despair are a constant temptation, our seminary priests have shown me that fidelity and persistent strength are impossible without faith in Jesus Christ. Their example of priestly ministry has been the capstone par excellence for all that the faculty as a whole are forming us to be and to embrace in ministry as future priests.” -David Keran, Diocese of Alexandria