As our men answer “YES” to God’s call, they are formed at Notre Dame Seminary to TEACH, to SANCTIFY, and to SHEPHERD as YOUR future priests. They enter your parishes, schools, and churches fully formed to serve as pastoral and servant leaders who vow to build YOUR Church.

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“There is nothing more joyful for me than to see someone “get it” to see their faith come alive and to watch them become who God created them to be.”  -Fr. Blake Dubroc, Alumnus

“Christ expects us to bring our faith out into the world so that we might be made one.” -Dcn. John Joseph Bourque, CJC

“We are all focused on uniting with Christ, and through Christ we are united with each other and the Church as a whole.” -Kevin Seay, Archdiocese of New Orleans

“God allowed me to experience His love for me by giving me the opportunity to love others.”  -Jedidiah Preble, Diocese of Dallas

“It is important to support these good and holy men. Their hearts are on fire for God, His Church, and for servant leadership.“-Lauren Lagarde, NDS Volunteer