Crime Statistics Collection and Compilation

Crime Statistics

NDS collects crime statistics on all reported crimes occurring on its campus. The collection of these statistics is the responsibility of the Director of Facilities who also serves as the Security Officer and the Fire Safety Officer.

Monitoring, Collecting, and Reporting Criminal Activity

The Director of Facilities keeps a record of all reported crimes occurring on the NDS campus. This record is composed of all crimes that have been reported to each Campus Security Authority on campus. This record is in the form of an electronic log and these statistics are reported annually in the annual security report and the annual Web-based collection system. The Director of Facilities, working with the Office of the Academic Dean, is responsible for submitting these annual reports.

Security and Local Law Enforcement

The Director of Facilities also monitors the New Orleans Crime Map on the first of each month to determine if crimes have occurred near the campus. The New Orleans Crime Map displays information obtained or developed from received reports of criminal activity in Orleans Parish including: the apparent violation, the time period, and the general location. This Web-based crime map can be accessed at The Director of Facilities will discuss the crime map statistics with the Administrative Board that meets monthly. Registered sex offenders can be found on this web-based map:  These findings will also be used to issue timely warnings when needed.