Lay Enrichment Series

Fall Lay Enrichment Series: A Semester Through the Catechism

The Lay Enrichment Series at Notre Dame Seminary (LES) is a lecture series created to provide our community with an opportunity to continue their faith formation. LES is a free lecture series that is open to the public.  For more information, please contact the MA office by phone at (504) 866-7426, ext. 742 or by email at

Part I: The Profession of Faith—The Creed
Dr. David Liberto, Professor of Dogmatic and Historical Theology
Wednesday, September 4th
Notre Dame Seminary Pastoral Center
Dr. Liberto will be diving into the major players and ideas leading up to the Council of Nicaea and then breaking open the significance of the Nicene Creed’s most important parts.
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Part II: The Christian Mystery—The Liturgy
Fr. Nile Gross, STL, Director of Sacred Liturgy at NDS
Wednesday, October 16th
Notre Dame Seminary Pastoral Center
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Part III: Life in Christ—Desire Weds Responsibility
Sarah Denny, Ph.D. (candidate), Speaker on Theology of the Body
Wednesday, November 6th
Notre Dame Seminary Pastoral Center
Do you ever wonder how to integrate conversation about “the rules of the Church” with the realities of everyday living? Drawing from the Catechism, Sarah hopes to offer tangible ways that we can let go of fear when discussing desire and morality, giving special focus to the currently existing holes in Catholic sexual education.
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Part IV: Christian Prayer—Breathing Fire
Dr. Tom Neal, Professor of Spiritual Theology at NDS
Wednesday, December 11th
Notre Dame Seminary Classroom  5
Do you hunger for a deeper and more meaningful prayer life? Dr. Tom Neal will offer reflections on prayer, drawn from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, that will enrich your understanding of prayer, help you face some common challenges and — hopefully — kindle in you a new fire for God. Come and see!
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