Masters in Pastoral Leadership (MAPL)

“My favorite part of NDS was the classes. It was such a privilege to sit in lectures and seminars and contemplate the truths of the faith with professors whom I admire. I am grateful that these experiences were part of my young adult life and formation. I would not be the same mother, wife and teacher without the education I received at NDS.”

– Kimberly Anson, M.A., Lafayette, LA

Interested in earning a professional degree in theology and ministry? This degree program is designed to offer comprehensive theological formation that is directed toward the practice of ministry. In addition to coursework in theology, students also engage in ongoing pastoral, human and spiritual formation, and complete a capstone project addressing specific ministry challenges and opportunities.

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Leadership (MAPL) builds on ILEM. Those pursuing the MAPL degree have an opportunity to complete a comprehensive program of Theological studies by completing 12 additional hours of theological coursework. They also receive advanced pastoral training relevant to their particular ministry through a second Practicum. Finally, they draw all of this learning, formation and pastoral experience together in a final Pastoral Capstone Project which they develop for their specific ministry. Special attention is given to the challenges encountered in today’s culture and empowers co-workers in the Lord’s vineyard to excel at ministry.

“I would consider my upbringing extremely ‘Catholic.’ I grew up in a practicing Catholic family, had Catholic friends and went to a Catholic Secondary School. However, after graduating high school and going through college and post college, I began to realize how “weak” my understanding of the faith was. Notre Dame Seminary changed that for me.”

– Caroline Boelte, M.A., High School Religion Teacher

Scholarship Opportunity

You may be eligible for our two scholarships: Handing on the Faith and Ecclesial Ministry Discount! Please see attachments for qualifications



“Through NDS, I am receiving precious gifts that sustain me for service to those with whom I minister both within the parish setting and my personal life. My spiritual life has deepened and I have a better grasp of Church teaching.”

– Melanie Saunee, Licensed Pastoral Counselor

Scholarship Opportunity

  • 42 credit hours = 23 credits from ILEM + 12 credits of additional theology courses + 4 credits of pastoral immersion + 3 credits for pastoral capstone project
  • All requirements may be completed within 2-4 years.

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Dr. Daniella Zsupan-Jerome, Director and Student Advisor of the MAPL program, (504) 866-7426 ex. 123