NDS Bookstore

Option 1: Amazon.com

How to Order your NDS Textbooks

  1. Visit http://nds.edu/nds-bookstore/ (this page)
  2. Optional: Set up Amazon Prime for Students for free shipping
    Free for 6 months then $49/year (or current price from Amazon)

  3. Click the banner below to visit the Amazon-powered NDS bookstore. By ordering here instead of through the regular Amazon site, Amazon will give a portion of your purchase back to NDS. You support NDS without spending any extra money!
  4. Your textbooks (and anything else you need) will be delivered to you at the seminary (or wherever you tell them to ship).
  5. If you need anything Amazon sells that’s not on the NDS bookstore page, go to Amazon through this link to support NDS with all your Amazon purchases.

NDS Bookstore Banner