Lessons & Carols, Creche Blessing, and Christmas Social

On Saturday, December 1, The Notre Dame schola performed Lessons and Carols, a prayer service involving nine readings from Scripture with accompanying hymns, to start off the Advent season. Following the service, the community proceeded out to the front lawn to bless the outdoor Christmas creche. The blessing was followed by a scrumptious Christmas banquet in the dining room, which concluded with Christmas carols sung by the Vietnamese, Hispanic, and African communities. Finally, the whole community gathered in the family room for a Christmas social with dessert, more Christmas carols, and a tie-cutting ceremony for the 3rd Theology class (who will be ordained deacons in the summer and therefore will not wear ties again since they will wear Roman collars for the rest of their lives). The evening concluded with a community Christmas video produced in-house. Best wishes for a happy Advent and a blessed Christmas!