Planned Giving Create Your Legacy at Notre Dame Seminary

Create Your Legacy at Notre Dame Seminary

We thank you for the many ways you support Notre Dame Seminary today, but there are also ways to plan a gift that will leave a lasting impact on Notre Dame Seminary and seminarians for years to come. Planned giving ensures that seminarians continue to be formed as faithful shepherds, pastoral leaders, and spiritual fathers that will serve our Church and future generations.

If you are interested in making a planned gift to Notre Dame Seminary or for more information, please contact the Caroline Thriffiley, Director of Development, by phone at (504) 866-7426, ext. 375 or by email at

Bequest in Your Will or Trust

You can easily name Notre Dame Seminary as a beneficiary in your last will and testament. Bequests from your estate may be specified in dollar amounts or as a percentage of your estate/trust. By making this charitable gift, your trust or estate receives an estate tax deduction. For more information on bequests and specific wording options for your will or trust, please contact the Development Office.

Beneficiary Designation in Your Retirement Plan

Adding Notre Dame Seminary as a beneficiary of your IRA or retirement plan can provide both a meaningful gift for our seminarians and allow your family to avoid estate and income tax. All that is required is to name Notre Dame Seminary as a beneficiary for a portion of all of your IRA or qualified retirement plan.

Charitable Gift in Your Life Insurance Policy

You can assign whole life insurance policies and name Notre Dame Seminary as a beneficiary.  In most cases, you receive a tax deduction for the premiums you have paid on the policy.

The information contained here is not intended as legal, tax, or investment advice. We urge all donors to consult their financial and legal advisors for this type of advice and for a full discussion.