Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The overall duties of the Board of Trustees are to: formulate and enact policies; to select, evaluate, and determine the length of term for the Rector-President; and, to provide fiduciary oversight to the Seminary.  To fulfill these duties, the Board has created a committee structure but may choose to act as a committee of the whole in place of a standing committee structure.

The functions of the Board have been stated in Article II of its by-laws and are listed as follows:

The Board of Trustees is empowered to formulate and enact policies and regulations governing the administrative, academic and spiritual affairs of Notre Dame Seminary, which policies are to be administrated and implemented by the administration and faculty.

The Board functions as committee of the whole in the exercise of the following responsibilities:

  1. To recommend to the Archbishop of New Orleans a priest to serve as the rector-president who is directly responsible for the administration of the seminary
  1. To approve the incurring of extraordinary indebtedness in consultation with the Archdiocesan Finance Committee
  1. To approve tuition, fees, and all significant changes in seminary programs
  1. To approve candidates for the annual graduation
  1. To examine and approve the seminary budget
  1. To approve the rector-president’s term of office