NDS Facilities Rental


1. Does NDS provide catering services?

No.  It is up to the renter to provide their own caterer.  This includes all refreshments, i.e. coffee, water, soft drinks.  It is the responsibility of the renter to insure all trash is removed after the event.

2. Does NDS provide linens?

No.  We provide the space, HVAC, tables, chairs, set up and A/V equipment, if needed, only.

3. Are there cooking facilities on site?

No.  There is a service kitchen for warming only.


How to Rent

1. Contact the business manager at 504.866-7426 ext 105

2. Upon verification of the availability and approval by the rector, carefully read and complete the Facilities Agreement.  Facilities Rental Agreement.
3. Return the completed form, signed by an authorized representative, to the business office with a check for the deposit.

4. The business office will contact you to confirm the date