NDS Welcomes Back Deacon Class

Written by Nicholas Duncan, Diocese of Shreveport

The T4 class has returned to Notre Dame Seminary! The twelve transitional deacons have returned from their parish internships for the conclusion of the Fall semester at NDS. The smallest diaconate class in recent memory. However, when it comes to vocations in general it is not the quantity that matters but the quality. Jesus Christ was never concerned about numbers in his ministry but with the truth of the Gospel. The dozen returning deacons have completed their parish internships in their home dioceses. They represent 9 dioceses across 5 states and two continents. Notre Dame Seminary is the only seminary in the country with an extended diaconal ministry experience in the seminarians’ home diocese. These deacons where welcomed back to the seminary on Sunday evening with a prayer service, reception, and dinner, and begin the remainder of their classes on Monday, looking forward to their eventual ordinations to the priesthood in the Summer.