Institution of the Ministry of Lector

On November 9, 2023, Bishop John Nhan Tran, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, presided at the Mass for the Institution of Lectors. The Rite of Institution of Lectors is one of the ministries a seminarian must receive before ordination to the Diaconate and Priesthood. Those given the ministry of Lector are entrusted with reading the Sacred Scriptures during Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours. Bishop Tran instructed the seminarians, “Take this book of Holy Scripture and be faithful in handing on the Word of God, so that it may grow strong in the hearts of his people.”

From the Diocese of Alexandria: Jacob Cass, Gabriel Dowden, and Blaine Phillips

From the Archdiocese of Atlanta: Didier Montoya Correa, Juan Pablo Mora, Johnathan Nguyen, Austin Thomas, and Jonathan Webster

From the Diocese of Austin: Benjamin Martinez

From the Diocese of Baton Rouge: Jeremy Chiasson and Aeli Poydras

From the Diocese of Biloxi: Christopher Collins and Jacob Lott

From the Diocese of Birmingham: Hunter Limbaugh

From the Diocese of Brownsville: Jorge Garza, Jr.

From the Diocese of Lafayette: Haden Coleman ad William Hebert

From the Diocese of Lake Charles: Philip Seilhan

From the Diocese of Memphis: Jarrett McBride and Luiz Parolini Dutra

From the Diocese of Nashville: Juan Hernandez-Magana

From the Archdiocese of New Orleans: Simon Peter Kagimu, Hoang Pham, and Seth Smith

From the Archdiocese of Tororo: Michael Jawino

From the Diocese of Tyler: Patrick Cook