Tết (Vietnamese New Year Celebration)

On February 21, 2024, NDS celebrated Tết, the Vietnamese Lunar Year in which the Vietnamese seminarians brought language, cuisine, music and arts, and traditions of the Vietnamese culture to NDS.  Tết is the most important festival of the Vietnamese people. It is a time of celebration for family gatherings of enjoying lavish meals and paying respect to elders and parents. For children, they eagerly await Mung Tuoi, a gift when parents, grandparents, or relatives present a gift of Li Xi (lucky) money in traditional red envelopes, and offer words of wisdom or advice for the coming year.

The celebration consisted of traditional gowns worn by seminarians and guests, traditional dances (including the Dragon Dance on the steps of Shaw Hall) and many Vietnamese cuisines donated by restaurants and families. We give thanks for the Vietnamese community at NDS and throughout New Orleans, particularly for their support of the seminary community and their sharing their culture with us.