Drugs and Alcohol

Use and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages

Within our society as a whole, alcoholic beverages have become both commonplace and, unfortunately, a problem for many individuals. Learning to deal appropriately and discreetly with alcohol is an important part of the life of the seminarian. The proper and discreet use of alcoholic beverages is expected. The use of alcoholic beverages at community functions is at the discretion of the Rector/President. This usage will be limited to special occasions and normally within the context of the event itself. In all cases, the seminary will adhere to the laws of the State of Louisiana. In every instance when alcoholic beverages are available at community events, non-alcoholic refreshments will also be available. Beer will be served in the Biblicum on a limited basis and only during scheduled times, as the Vice Rector deems appropriate. Hard liquor will not be served in the pub.

One of the goals of a priestly formation program is to encourage mature, responsible attitudes toward the moderate use or non-use of alcoholic beverages. Any abuse of alcohol by a seminarian will be dealt with on an individual basis. Fraternal concern for a seminarian who abuses alcohol should prompt fellow seminarians to express this concern to the abuser and the Rector/President or other faculty member.

Possession Use and Sale of Illegal Drugs

If a student or seminarian learns that a fellow student or seminarian is currently using illegal drugs or has become addicted to prescription drugs, then he should inform formation personnel and seek appropriate medical assistance. If civil laws have been violated, law enforcement officials will be informed.

For more information on alcohol and drug policies at NDS please see the following document: Drug and Alcohol Information for Campus Safety and Security.