Saintly Halloween Costumes St. Denis, St. Daniel, St. Gabriel, St. George, St. Sebastian...

By: Jason Songe, Seminarian, Archdiocese of New Orleans

Here are some ideas if you’re looking to dress as a saint for Halloween this year:

  1. St. Denis: Carrying his head
  2. St. Lucy: Walks around eyeless with her eyes on a platter
  3. St. Bartholomew: With flaying knives
  4. St. Anthony of Padua: With a donkey
  5. St. James The Less: With a saw
  6. St. Ambrose: With a beehive
  7. St. Peter: With keys, inverted crucifixion
  8. St. Lawrence: With burns, apple in mouth, purse in hand.
  9. Blessed Solanus Casey: doorman for the costume party
  10. St. Benedict: Broken cup, companion who continually tries to poison him.
  11. St. Daniel: Someone dresses up like a lion and someone is Daniel.
  12. St. Gabriel: Trumpet
  13. St. David: Rhythmless dancing
  14. St. George: Dragon
  15. St. John the Baptist: Head on platter
  16. St. Noah: Walking around the party saying “there’s still room on the ark”
  17. Saint Peter of Verona: Hatchet in his head
  18. St. Sebastian: Arrows
  19. St. Boniface: An axe

About the Author: Jason Songe, Seminarian, Archdiocese of New Orleans

Jason is a seminarian in Second Pre-Theology.


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