Kevin J. Redmann, Ph.D. (Candidate)

Kevin J. Redmann, Ph.D. (Candidate)

Professor of Biblical and Ecclesiastical Languages

A native of New Orleans, Mr. Redmann began his study of classical languages at Jesuit High School under the tutelage of the “Third Triumvirate.” He received his BA in Classical Studies with Honors in Music from Millsaps College, and is presently a candidate for an interdisciplinary PhD in Linguistics at Tulane University. In addition to grammar and language pedagogy, Mr. Redmann’s research interests include translation theory and technique, and the working title of his dissertation is “A Typological Approach to Word-Order Literalism as an Indication of Saint Jerome’s Translation Technique in the Vulgate.” Having joined the full-time faculty in 2006, Mr. Redmann finds teaching at Notre Dame Seminary extremely rewarding in that it has afforded him the opportunity to pursue his love of biblical and ecclesiastical languages not merely as an academic exercise, but as an integral part of the formation of men for the priesthood.


Phone: (504) 866-7426 Ext. 814